At present, Wuhan Overseas Scholar Business Park has established 4 special industry park-districts, such as the Biological Center, the Optical Center, the Integrated Circuits Center and the Software Center in the Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone.

    Wuhan East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone has an overall planning area of 518 square kilometers, with Bejing-Zhuhai and Shanghai–Chengdu express ways joining in the several national roads surrounding, which forms a convenient transportation system. Through 20 years’ efforts, Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone has formed a pattern featured with optoelectronic information industry as the main force and multiple industries developing simultaneously. Key industries in the development zone include: 1. optoelectronic information industry; 2. bio-medical industry; 3. new energy and environment conservation industry; 4. high-end equipment manufacturing industry; 5. high-tech service industry.


    Geography:Wuhan, the only sub-provincial city in Central China, is now the capital of Hubei Province with an area of 8,494 square kilometers. The world's 3rd longest river-the Yangtze River and its greatest branch, the Hanshui River flow across the city and divide it into three parts, namely Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. It has a humid subtropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall, sunshine and four distinctive seasons.  

    Railways: four railway arteries-Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Jiujiang, Wuhan-Jiujiang and Wuhan-Danjiangkou railways converge here.

    Roads: Six state highways such as Beijing-Zhuhai and Shanghai-Chengdu state highways join here.

    Aviation: WuhanTianheAirport is the only entry & exit port where landing visa application is allowable in Central China.

    Watercourse: Wuhan golden watercourse has formed a passenger and cargo transport network combining main and branch courses and leading to the river.